You don’t have to live with persistent heavy sweating

Frequently asked questions


Before using Driclor it is important that you read the directions for use (right) carefully and also note product cautions.

On which parts of the body can you use Driclor?

Driclor can be applied directly to localised areas experiencing problem sweating such as hands, feet and underarms. You should avoid using Driclor near the eyes, on wet, broken, recently shaved or sensitive skin.

Does Driclor help with body or foot odour?

Driclor is an antiperspirant and will reduce the volume of sweat. It is not a deodorant.

Body and foot odour are caused by bacteria that tend to multiply in the presence of accumulating sweat. Although sweat itself is odourless, sweat from the underarms and genital areas in particular contains proteins that can encourage bacterial growth.

It is recommended that you continue to use a deodorant during the day whilst using Driclor at night.

Can Driclor be used with deodorants and/or perfume?

You can wear deoderant or perfume while undergoing treatment with Driclor. However you should make sure that you have removed Driclor first (See directions for use - right). Do not apply deodorant or perfume at the same time as Driclor.

Does Driclor hurt sensitive skin?

Driclor can cause irritation to sensitive skin, especially if it is applied to damp or wet areas. Discomfort is generally short lived.

If you suffer ongoing or severe discomfort, discontinue use, wash Driclor off and seek advice from your pharmacist.

Does Driclor stain costume jewellery or polished
metal surfaces?

Driclor can cause discolouration when in contact with costume jewelry and polished metal surfaces.

Dry the area thoroughly before
application to avoid irritation.


How to apply

  1. Always dry the affected areas thoroughly before applying, especially in humid weather, otherwise irritation may occur.
  2. Initially apply once daily, last thing at night and ideally allow to dry before putting on night clothes.
  3. In the morning – wash off and continue to use your regular deodorant, as normal.

After 1-2 weeks, you should notice a considerable improvement.

Once sweating stops during the day, you can reduce application to twice a week or less.